reconstructionThe Certipro Restoration Reconstruction team’s ultimate goal is to return a damaged property back to pre-loss condition. In order to quickly and efficiently reconstruct the property, the process is split up into three phases: Repair Estimates and Approvals: we work with you to schedule an appointment for the Certipro Estimator to view damages and collect photos and information needed to prepare a comprehensive estimate for you and your insurance company; Project Preparation: after estimate approval, Certipro will contact you to schedule a walk-through of the property; and Actual Reconstruction: review the reconstruction timeline and anticipated completion. Your insurance carrier will provide budgets for all replacement materials (flooring, windows, doors, trim, cabinets, etc.) and your Project Manager will assist you, provide product sources, and alert you to deadlines.

Our continuous focus is to provide the highest quality service and staff specially trained to respond to your unique situation. It is through the cooperative efforts of everyone involved: you, your insurance carrier, and the Certipro Reconstruction Team, that Certipro will quickly, efficiently and professionally restore the property to your expectations.

Structure Division Services

• Structural Repairs
• Electrical
• Plumbing
• Carpentry
• Framing
• Windows/Doors
• Interior Decorating
• Flooring
• Tile
• Drywall / Plaster
• Ceiling
• Roofing
• Siding / Stucco
• Exterior Finishes
• Foundations
• Masonry
• Landscaping
• Third-Party Consultation